Tramaine George

   C R E A T I V E  History 

       Project Manager & Executive Assistant to Editor in Chief         

                           Film & Music Reviewer                      

              Non-Profit Photographer         

                   simply looking for more adventures in the field of photography and marketing.              

Q U A L I T I E S 

My experience with Apple has structured my ability to have a strong work ethic and multitasking skills.
I've value my ability to be a team player in the workplace.

I pride myself on being reliable and demonstrating focus to complete tasks. 
I see it as a challenge to find ways in which to produce the best outcome.

Currently, being in a position that involves creative insight and technical solutions I have advanced knowledge in CMS systems which I tied into creating the Facethemag website. I'm adept in In Design, Final Cut, Pages, Microsoft Office and Wordpress.

I thrive in fast paced environments and love finding ways in which one can be innovative and produce results. 

P A S S I O N S  

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.00.06 PM.png

Film is a constant in my life, and a passion of mine. 


Giving back to the community and being charitable through my photography.


Sharing my love of music on everyday basis.